Business Office- Centerville Rd.

Renovated this empty space, for a Lawyer’s suite with multiple offices, a kitchenette, copy/fax room, a reception area, and a waiting area.

  • Created detailed floor plans, construction documents, and elevations required for Fire Marshal and Building Permit applications.
  • Metal stud framing/Drywall Installation
  • Completed all electrical wiring,¬†switches, receptacles, MC Cable and Metal boxes
  • Provided and installed new return and supply duct, insulated duct as well.¬†Supplied and installed acoustical ceiling return and supply air registers.
  • Completed all required plumbing for the Kitchenette are.
  • Supplied and installed batt insulation in all walls.

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The finished result:

  • All new flooring/carpet throughout
  • New paint throughout
  • New Cabinets and Countertop for kitchenette.
  • All new stained, solid wood doors with glass inserts.

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